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Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are versatile enough for use throughout the house, and carry a modern simplicity to them that's sharp and graceful.

They're ideal for wherever two blinds are needed side by side, as only a minimal gap exists between the ajoining fabrics.

Many designs

We've over one hundred design options, each with several colourways. From delicate lace fabrics to encourage light to filter through, to light absorbant blackout materials for aiding sleep; our range of pleated blinds is truly first class.

High quality

A common problem with inferior products relates to pleats eventually dropping out of the fabric due to gravity. The blind then starts behaving more like a flat roller blind which not only looks bad but damages the fabric.

To prevent this occurring, we use a patented pleat production system during the manufacturing period which makes it impossible for the pleats to drop out. This guarantees the blind always retains its shape.


Pleated blinds are ideal for conservatories as they can be fitted to the roof as well as side windows to reduce heat build up and glare.

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