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Roof inserts

Solar inserts are perfect for conservatory roofs. They help prevent heat build up in the summer months and reduce heat loss in the winter, saving you money on heating and ensuring your convervatory remains fresh and usable throughout the year.

Summer: reduce excessive heat

The main cause of heat build up in conservatories is the roof. Clear polycarbonate allows 80% of the sun's solar energy to pass directly into your conservatory. Consequently, the air temperature rises in the enclosed space, making the environment uncomfortable to use.

Solar inserts can be placed inside the cavities of polycarbonate roofing to act as a solar shield. This reduces the heat energy passing into the room while allowing high levels of natural light to enter the conservatory.

The solar inserts also block UV rays which are the main cause of fading, and significantly reduce glare to create a better ambient, relaxed environment.

Winter: reduce heat loss

Though polycarbonate roofing provides better insulation than glass, it remains responsible for most heat loss during winter months. Solar inserts increase the U-value by reflecting rising heat back into the room, helping to keep it warmer for longer and saving heating bills as a result.

Technology explained

Our solar inserts are made using tried and tested technology. Micro thin polyester is first laminated for strength using clear film. It's then vacuum coated with fine particles of metal onto the polyester laminate to create differential light technology.

Chemicals that absorb high-energy ultraviolet light are introduced and a durable scratch resistant coating is also applied.

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