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Silhouette blinds

Silhouette blinds form beautifully decorative shades that allow precise control over how much light to let in.
As light as silk and elegant as a curtain, these blinds also provide full privacy when tilted vertically, offering similar functionality to a venetian.

Great style

Featuring soft rotating fabric vanes suspended between two fabric layers, silhouette blinds let you create an endless variety of moods and atmospheres with softly filtered light. Their simplicity and elegance makes them ideal for both traditional and modern settings and virtually any room aspiring to appear fresh.

Materias and colours

Silhouette blinds are available in a selection of subtle, soft colors ranging from light naturals to cool pastels. For a truly high-end designer look, we feature a silver metal fabric that will set apart any room.

Additional options include aluminium head and bottom rails, which look particularly stylish when combined with the silver metal fabric.

Plain and linen structures can also be selected to compliment a wide variety of settings, as well as our Bon Soir room darkening fabric.

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