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Velux blinds

Velux blinds are specially designed for Velux roof windows.

They offer great daylight control and come in a range of colours, styles and textures to complement virtually any environment.

Velux blackout blinds

The ideal blind for turning day into night.

  • Aluminium backing to reduce/retain heat
  • Manual and remote control options
  • Wide range of colours

Velux roller blinds

Practical, decorative and provides privacy while allowing natural light inside.

  • Subtly diffuses incoming light
  • Easy to use manual controls with aluminium side lists
  • Hard-wearing fabric, great for playrooms, studies etc

Velux flying pleated blinds

An elegant, soft and decorative blind with innovative functionality.

  • Blind is flexibly positioned inside the window (not confined to top or bottom)
  • 100% translucent cloth
  • Wide range of colours and patterns

Velux venetian blinds

Control the amount, direction and quality of natural light entering the room.

  • Blind is flexibly positioned at any point in the window
  • Easily cleaned using a damp cloth
  • Great for rooms with high levels of humidity such as bathrooms/kitchens


We can provide a wide range of Velux accessories, inclusing control rods, security locks, insect screens and opening restrictors.

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