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Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds work well in both home and office environments. They help control heat as well as light and contribute to a warm atmosphere in the room.

Headrails are fitted with matching brackets and componentry to ensure the whole blind maintains a sleek appearance which compliments the space it sits in.

Extensive choice

Customers love our outstanding fabric range which has practically thousands of options. The range includes fabrics specially designed with features including:

  • Machine washable
  • Flame retardant
  • Blackout
  • Lace fabrics

There's also different colours to choose from to match different environments and décors.

Solar protection

Our vertical blinds products can be specially treated to reduce solar gain and optical glare which can be a particular nuisance in office environments.

Fabrics featuring this coating offer improved optical performance characteristics and are typically flame retardant to international standards.

Anti-bacterial coating

A specialised anti-microbial coating which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on fabric can be applied to our vertical blinds. This is great for busy environments or for places looking to maintain top levels of higiene.

Climate control

This feature involves a laminate of two different fabrics which perform effective temperature control. During hot weather you're kept cooler, and in cold weather the heat is retained. This can help you save on air conditioning and heating bills.

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