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Woodweave blinds

Woodweave blinds are a fantastic new product that's proving to be extremely popular.

We've brought together some of the UK's finest fabrics which includes bamboo and natural grassweave, each in a range of different styles, colours and textures.

Quality guaranteed

Our woodweave blinds are manufactured to high standards without compromising on quality. We offer our usual 5 year guarantee on each fitted blind so you can feel assured this product is of lasting value.

Real wood

Each blind is mounted on a sculpted, polished wooden head rail with a choice of 7 colours of wooden bottom rail.

Our woodweave blinds are available in roman and roller styles, along with a large choice of real wood toggles for complete authenticity.

Refreshing style

These blinds offer a unique look and feel for your windows and sit well inside modern and traditional surroundings. The genuine materials provide a richness in colour and texture which is impossible to gain from synthetic products.

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